Who We Are

IVF Precisions is founded to augment the fertility treatment by bringing in patient centric, advanced and innovative solutions to improve objectivity, precision and ease of workflow in each step of IVF treatment. We leverage the combination of clinical embryology, bioengineering and AI, enhanced with state-of-the-art innovative technologies.

Our Vision

We envision to improve the IVF success rate through increased oocyte yield, objective sperm and oocyte diagnosis, improved fertilization, high quality embryo selection, improved embryo implantation & Vitrification techniques that contribute to overall increasing conception rates.

Our Mission

Our mission is to apply innovative end-to-end solutions from ovum pick and embryo transfer events (Infertility specialist), IVF lab, sperm and embryo selection & Vitrification (embryologist) and right response and time for embryo transfer (patient). With our innovative technologies we would like to reimagine and redefine the IVF treatment.

Complete Europe, Japan, Singapore, Israel.

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Corporate Office:

#212, vitrikr, 10th cross F/G block, Sahakaranagar, Byatarayanapura,, Bengaluru 560092.