Why Us?



Oocytes and embryos are precious material in IVF. Better intuition provides best care in handling them when patients go through so much of mental and emotional pain with OPU Kr, Vitri Kr, DET Kr.



Oocytes quality is an enigma and has limited ways to measure. OVA Kr provides you objective output report for an efficient communication between lab/doctor/patient.


Precision & Accuracy

Oocytes manipulation, sperm injection and embryo handling require objectivity. Sana, OPU Kr, Screen Kr, CL-ICSI and DET Kr provide both precision & accuracy to achieve objectivity.


Time to Conception

Screen Kr and OVA kr facilitate increased oocyte yield, quality assessment/embryo yield & selection provides egg or sperm quality compromise for objective options and time to conception is faster.


Care & Affordability

All our technologies support best possible patient care and faster time to conception makes it affordable before patients loose hope of conception.

Product Portfolio by Stages

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Semen Analysis (Sana.ai) is an AI Powered system, Our innovative high resolution microscope has capability to capture and analyze sperm count, motility and morphology as per WHO guidelines and brings objectivity in analyses to provide more accurate and instantaneous results.

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Sperm selection plate

Sperms are challenged with natural selection phenomenon process of endurance & motility tests before and during ICSI procedure using our Sperm selection plate.

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OPU Assist

OPU-AssistTM is a device designed to assist during OPU procedure for visualizing the follicular fluid collection next to the follicle collapse on ultrasound screen with the help of a smart phone. Tube fillings & blood collection events are visualized to get best intuition of applied pressure vs collapsed follicles.

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OPU Kr is an ovum pick up needle, designed to apply precise pressure inside the follicles and minimizes residual pressure outside the follicles yielding physiological uncontaminated follicular fluid. This system helps in improving fertilization rates by minimizing blood contamination on one hand and reduced blood collection from patient ovaries on the other hand.

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G-Force FFS (Aspiration pump) is a device designed to collect follicular fluid during OPU procedure mechanically with no electricity. It provides precise aspiration pressure per follicle & minimizes residual air pressure and audible perception of device sound vs follicular fluid collection vs blockage.

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Screen Kr

Screen Kr is a novel device used for oocytes screening from follicular fluid. It is an innovative screening system ensures 100% recovery of oocyte cumulus complexes. It is accurate and fast and allow to perrform more cases with high efficiency and improves oocyte yield and subsequent for embryo formation and improved success rates.

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CL-ICSITM is a semi-automated sperm injection pneumatic syringe works with a click during ICSI procedure. Our dual syringe system is equipped with both holding and injection syringes in a single device for best performance. Other variant is equipped with electronic components that is capable of providing complete ICSI and oocyte quality report for the first time.

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OVA Kr is an AI platform that is capable of assessing oocytes quality and functions as a diagnostic system. OVA Kr.ai objectively determine the oocytes quality based on oocyte membrane biomechanical properties. It is capable of performing oocyte quality assessment, embryo formation prediction on D5, sperm quality assessment and embryo selection features together.

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Vitri Kr

Vitri KrTM is a closed/open carrier device that is used for preserving the gametes/embryos in IVF clinics. Vitri KrTM is loading with a variety of ease of use and embryo safety feature that provides confidence in the work flow of vitrification and capable of providing embryo storage evidencing to the patients. It comes with dual locking for improved safety and safety guidance for capping.

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Cryo Kr

Cryo Kr is a transient LN2 storage container. Our indigenous design provides safety of LN2 handling, straws loading into the canisters and security for the straws in the liquid nitrogen.

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Embryo transfer catheter is designed to transfer single embryo with 100% confidence and accuracy and deferential transfer of multiple embryos (D3/D5).

Artificial Intelligence

Athena is a bot uses complex network of biological factors, patient fertility and non fertility clinical conditions, history of patient diagnostics and responses along that is integrated with our next generation technologies used in each step of invitro fertilization to provide best suitable input to patients, embryologists and doctors. It is capable of using artificial intelligence capability to work on millions of data sets and capture subtle differences in each step. It works as a companion to you in each step of your IVF journey/workflow.

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